Sep 30, 2013

Perfect word choice in the stories of the Quran

One of the most profound aspects of the Quran is the manner in which it narrates stories. These stories of past and future events serve primarily as guidance but unknown to many Muslims is that these stories also indicate the miraculous nature of the Quran (I'jaz Al-Quran ).

The following short lesson show a remarkable example of perfect Quranic word choice in the Story of Yusuf ( Peace be upon him):

I have produced a course which deals with profound aspects related to a number of stories in the Quran. 

The course details are found here

The following is free lesson from the course to give one a taste of the Quranic miracle

Wa Sallalahu Alla Sayidina Muhammad wa A'la Aalihi wa Sahbihi wa tasalam wal Humdulillahi Rabbil A'alameen.

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