Jan 10, 2011

Using Arabic grammar to understand the stages of revelation of the Quran

According to Allah's statements in His Book, there were two distinct stages of the revelation of the Quran which took place. Arabic grammar will shed some light into understanding these 2 stages.


  1. Subhan-Allah....this is so facinatin....Alhamduillah..that i came across this blogspot....Please keep this up for people like me who would love to understand what is actuli sed in the Quran instead of just reading it without understandin...

  2. Jazakallah khairun brother, this is one website that has quenched my thirst for the linguistic aspect of d quranic language. My long time research to understand the language that Allah chose to communicate with His creation has been fulfilled here. Is there another website Similar to your efforts? Like the Iraqi scholar's works, u took inspiration from?