Sep 21, 2011

The linguistic miracle of the Quran - Journey to Allah (preview)

Asalamu alaykum

All praise be to Allah (most high) and may His peace and blessings be upon the last and final Prophet, Muhammad.

I thank Allah (Most High) for allowing me to learn something of Allah's book and it's language in order to taste some of it's linguistic marvels. I feel I have a duty to the Muslims, especially those who are unfamiliar with the Arabic language, to spread this knowledge and to allow us to not only see the Quran as a book of guidance but as the greatest miracle to the whole of mankind. There has not been another miracle that Allah ( Most high) has sent which has been accessible to the whole world.

However there is one prerequisite to experiencing this miracle which is that one will need to put in the time and effort to studying Arabic. As one of my teachers told me, if you only dedicate 30 minutes a week to learning Arabic, then after a year you will know something that you otherwise wouldn't have known.

For those who have studied arabic and would like to take a course which goes through the Quran from the linguistic perspective then I have designed the following course:

The Quran Linguistic Miracle - Journey to Allah  LM01

The course is based on a number of classical Arabic texts including: Al Itqan fi ‘ulum al Qur’an by Imam Al Suyooti, Al Bahrul Muheet by Abu Hayyan, Al Burhan Al Kashif un ‘Ijaaz Al Qur’an by Al Zamakhshari, Al Tafseer al Kabeer by Sheikh Fakhar al deen Al Razi, Fathil Qadeer by Sheikh Muhammad Al Shawkani, Lisan Al arab by Ibn Manthoor as well as the contemporary works of Ibn Ashoor and Dr Fadl Salih Alsamaraie.

This Course consists of 12 lessons and one will gain access to all lessons and have 3 months to complete the course . We have Qualified teachers to answer all your questions. The course material is explained very well and the student will receive all relevant handouts. The video lessons are downloadable and can be viewed personally at a later time.

I have included 2 sample videos that go through  material for week 4

The class notes can be downloaded here

For more information on how to be a part of this course please visit the following

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